Thursday, November 17, 2016

The 2nd weekend at Deer Camp

Dad, Big Buck Down. “What??” My dad says. Dad, BIG…. BUCK…. DOWN. “I am on my way!”
For many, Deer Hunting consists of family traditions and gatherings and for my family, it is no different. The 2nd weekend of Deer Camp kicks off with the annual Friday Night Prime Rib Dinner down in Aitkin. From there we head off to the McGregor Area to start a weekend full of deer hunting at our Family Cabin.
Saturday morning, I settled into my deer stand only to be faced with a very strong SSW wind gusting up to 22 mph. As I wait for the clear night sky to wake up, I sat there reminiscing about all the deer I have harvested from this deer stand that I call “The Grand Stand”. While I hope today will be the day where I can talk about another successful hunt.

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