Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fishing Report September 18 2016 Massachusetts

Overcast/light rain
Water Temp: 71.5 degrees
Presentation: Northland Fishing Tackle Eye Dropper Spoon w/Bro Slug Bug

There is definitely a hint of fall in the... air but it doesn’t stay around long enough for cooling the lakes water temperatures. We are still looking at water in the low 70’s and these 80 degree days are not helping this cause, as the fish are still in a scattered mode.

Wanted to start cashing in on the fall crappie bite fishing as they tend to group up into bigger schools and are easier to find on the electronics and also are in a feeding frenzy. The fish that I did find were still in very small groups, which meant only catching a fish or two and then move on to finding the next school.

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