Friday, August 12, 2016

Fishing Report August 7 2016 Massachusetts

Species: Largemouth Bass
Water Depth: 8-25 FOW
Water Temperature: 78-80 degrees
Technique: Plastics/Texas rigged
Weather: Sun/Breezy/85 degree air temps

Water temperatures are fairly high at this time of the summer and in the shallow waters, the weed growth is getting out of control with the drought that we are experiencing. By working deep water structure, this is giving you an opportunity at catching better sized fish that many anglers aren’t even bothering.

Many anglers’ fish shallow throughout the open water season and if you understand how to find and fish deep water structure, this is another advantage for you. Finding these structures, if on a new lake, takes idling around and watching your electronics closely for changes in the bottom contours. Once you locate these key areas, set a waypoint on your GPS or throw out a buoy for your reference point.

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