Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fishing Report June 7 2015 Massachusetts

Today’s trip to the lake was going to be more about my son’s experience as this was going to be his first solo fishing trip on his own. With both of our boats loaded, he could fish where he wanted and how he wanted to, while I can keep an eye from a distance from my boat.

He choice to fish along the shorelines and run a shallow crank bait and over time he actually was able to land a few bass on his own. There was a light breeze, enough that would blow you around a bit, this allowed him to learn how to use the trolling motor for keeping him in a location that he was fishing.

As I watched, he was getting good experience at maneuvering his boat near and around docks and fallen trees. It was nice seeing him come along with his boating skills and this is giving me more confidence so that in time this will build his confidence and allow him to venture the waters more on his own.

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