Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fishing Report June 13 2015 Massachusetts

The area that we live in there are numerous smaller ponds that we can fish but only a couple of them have a boat landing that we can get our big boat into. So we had fished some of these utilizing kayaks in the years past, but trying to fish out of these is a bit tough especially if there is any kind of wind.

My son is into fishing big time these days and he wanted to have his own boat for fishing so he had gotten himself a 10 foot Jon boat. By having this small boat option now, this has opened up number of new waters that we can fish and also being able to fish in more comfort is always a good thing as well.

We have a list of lakes that we have fished on the ice but never have on the open water so we had picked one of these for this trip and we haven’t really fished at all either. From searching for information about the fishing in this lake, there are reports that there are some large bass here and we figured we would give it a try.

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