Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Turkey Hunting Report May 16 2015

I have been turkey hunting for a while now and out of the hunts that I do, I find hunting these birds to be the most rewarding hunts. I find that they are very hard to get into gun range and when that Tom comes into your decoy spread that gets your heart beating and blood pumping.

 I haven’t been successful in any hunts that I have been on and that just makes me work harder every season that I am out there. Figuring out where these birds are and where they are going throughout the morning hunt, makes this type of hunting very intriguing.

 This year in particular I had put in a lot of time and finally started patterning the birds in my area and that started with the first hunt of this season. Unfortunately for the first day’s sit, I setup in a field that has had birds in the past and for cover they had just cut some salt marsh hay and had that piled on the field that allowed me to getting myself into that for concealment. Worked the area but this day was a bust and made me want this so much more.


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