Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fishing Report May 24/25 2015 New Hampshire/Massachusetts

We had the long Memorial Holiday weekend to get out and do some fishing one day on a Southern New Hampshire lake and another day on a small Northern Massachusetts pond. By fishing two bodies of waters in two different states, the fish are basically in the same mode and pattern.

The air temperatures are getting into the 80’s somewhat more consistently day by day but the water temps seem to still be on the cooler side. Between these two bodies of waters the water temperatures were fairly consistent ranging from 64-67 degrees. There were a few older beds around but could tell that we are getting into the post spawn mode and we had a bit of a tough time fishing this weekend.

We will start with our day on the water in New Hampshire which was on Sunday. Weather wise we were at the 80 degree mark and had fairly high winds to deal with as well. The lake that we fished we fish there quite often and have plenty of locations to hit. Didn’t take long and we were catching fish on crank baits while casting to 5 feet and under water depths but did also notice that these fish were the smaller males that were still in the shallower waters.

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