Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fishing Report April 4 2015 New Hampshire

Target Species: Bass, Sunfish and Crappies
Location: Central New Hampshire
Depth: 8’ to 30’
Air Temp: 32-42 degrees
Wind: straight line high winds
Ice Conditions: 24 plus inches of ice, areas of slush pockets through the ice, shorelines eroding quickly

The ice fishing in Massachusetts is over on the Northshore as the warm temps and rain storms had eroded the shorelines. There is still a good amount of ice on the lakes but the surface ice as well and the shorelines are honey combing and melting quickly.

We headed to New Hampshire and started our search in the Southern part of the state at a few of our favorites only to find that the shorelines were open there as well. So we headed to the lakes region and a smaller body of water in hopes of finding some fishable ice.

We went to the lake that we started our ice fishing season at and there was plenty of ice but the shorelines are starting to let go as well. We wanted to fish a different area than the last trip and setup near an island with some lines hugging the island and able to fish a deeper pocket out into the lake.

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