Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fishing Report April 26 2015 Massachusetts

The weather has definitely gotten cooler the last few days and was hoping for the opposite as we want the crappies to get moving into spring mode. We started fishing where we located the crappies a few days earlier and quickly found out that they have moved out of the area.

The sunfish were fairly thick in their place but in this location but the size was definitely on the smaller side. We were able to catch a couple of crappie but the schools that were here before have vacated the area. This location the water depth was 4 feet deep and there was some weed growth and some current as the exit creek for the pond is here as well.

We were thinking maybe the crappie had moved back into deeper water so moved out and fished somewhat deeper but were still only catching sunfish. At this point our goal was to figure out the crappies and start searching around the lake for them.


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