Friday, April 24, 2015

Fishing Report April 22 2015 Massachusetts

Target Species: Crappie and Sunfish
Location: Northern Massachusetts
Depth: 4’ to 8’
Air Temp: 66 degrees
Water Temp: 50 degrees
Wind: BreezyRod setup: 6’0 ultralight spinning gear with 2lb test line, Clam OutDoors Jigs and Rocket Bobbers

My son had a birthday earlier this year and what he wanted for a gift was to have his own boat to fish out of. So this week was the week that his wishes were coming true and today was our maiden voyage on a local small pond. By him having this 10’ jon boat, this is allowing us access to so many more ponds that we can’t get our big boat into and gets us out of our kayaks as well.

We fish this particular pond quite frequently on the ice and haven’t fished here much on the open waters lately. The shorelines are fairly undeveloped except one corner has a few houses as the rest of it is state wildlife management area. Half of the pond is less than eight feet deep as the other half has a deeper hole that gets to twenty feet deep.

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