Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fishing Report April 19 2015 Massachusetts

Target Species: Crappies
Location: Massachusetts North Shore
Depth: 16’ to 22’
Air Temp: low 50's degrees
Water Temp: upper 40's

Wind: straight line high winds

The ice on our Massachusetts lakes has been gone for a bit now and wanted to get out and check some local ponds for the crappie action. Since the big boat is in the shop getting ready for the open water season, took out the kayak and did some exploring.

We had record snow fall this past winter and in turn, this is going to take, getting the waters warmed up, a little longer than usual. Today’s exploration, had me on a small crappie pond that we frequent throughout the ice season and I am looking at water in the upper 40’s for temperatures right now.

There have been plenty of cloudy and windy days along with many of them having cold rain falling lately as well. This is not helping the waters warm at all and is keeping the fish deep as of right now. While being in the kayak and searching for fish, I was marking fish in 20 feet of water but with the high winds, this was making staying on top of them basically impossible.

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