Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fishing Report March 29 2015 New Hampshire

Target Species: Bass and Perch
Location: Southern New Hampshire
Depth: 8’ to 20’
Air Temp: 28-42 degrees
Wind: Calm turned to blustery
Ice Conditions: 20 inches of solid ice and shorelines opening a little

We are losing shorelines here fairly quickly on most of the northern Massachusetts lakes and with rains and warmer weather, we may be done with Massachusetts fishing. With that happening, we start chasing ice towards the north and making trips into New Hampshire following that.

Today we made a trip to a Southern New Hampshire lake that we started fishing last season and has come to be one of our favorites on the ice. With all of the snow we had this winter, we were never able to drive on the lake but made many treks to our fishing location.

The shoreline at the access location was opening a little but that is because there is a creek coming into the lake right at the point. The ice is still at 20 inches thick with most shorelines locked up and only a little snow on the surface. Luckily we have been fortunate that the slush never became an issue and this will allow us to prolong our season some.

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