Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fishing Report February 22 2015 Massachusetts

Conditions: Cloudy skies with snow falling, air temperatures upper 20's, no winds, bait of the day Clam Outdoors Half Ant tipped with spikes

After fishing for bass yesterday, I wanted to head to my favorite crappie pond and see what these fish are up to. Haven't fished in Massachusetts in a while and it didn't take long to see why we are having to drive north to find good ice.

 It didn't take long to see that the ice was still a mess as there was 8 inches of snow on top, then a layer of 2-3 inches of ice crust with and pocket of slush, with another layer of ice crust then slush pocket and finally good ice at the bottom. Also, with all of the snow, all lake access points are non-existent right now as nothing is plowed out and finding any place to park for fishing is a major pain.

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