Friday, February 27, 2015

CT DEEP Presents “Angler of the Year” Awards

Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) recently presented “Angler of the Year” awards to three freshwater and five saltwater anglers who submitted entries to the Trophy Fish Award Program and earned awards for catching the widest assortment of fish during 2014.

RI DEM reminds anglers that fishing in trout stocked waters is prohibited from Sunday March 1 until opening day on April 11

The Department of Environmental Management's Division of Fish & Wildlife is reminding anglers that Saturday is the last day of the 2014-2015 freshwater fishing season, and that fishing in trout-stocked waters is prohibited from March 1 until Opening Day on Saturday, April 11.

Vermont Permit Numbers Set for 2015 Moose Hunt

A total of 225 regular firearms moose season permits and 40 archery moose season permits would be issued for Vermont’s 2015 October moose hunt under a proposed regulation approved by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board at their February 25 monthly meeting in Montpelier.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fishing Report February 22 2015 Massachusetts

Conditions: Cloudy skies with snow falling, air temperatures upper 20's, no winds, bait of the day Clam Outdoors Half Ant tipped with spikes

After fishing for bass yesterday, I wanted to head to my favorite crappie pond and see what these fish are up to. Haven't fished in Massachusetts in a while and it didn't take long to see why we are having to drive north to find good ice.

 It didn't take long to see that the ice was still a mess as there was 8 inches of snow on top, then a layer of 2-3 inches of ice crust with and pocket of slush, with another layer of ice crust then slush pocket and finally good ice at the bottom. Also, with all of the snow, all lake access points are non-existent right now as nothing is plowed out and finding any place to park for fishing is a major pain.

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Basil Shrimp with Feta and Orzo Recipe

We have added a new recipe to our Saltwater Fish Recipe page at BWS OutDoors

Mississippi Duck Gumbo Recipe

We have added a new recipe to our Wild Game Bird Recipe page at BWS OutDoors

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fishing Report February 21 2015 New Hampshire

Conditions: Cloudy skies, air temperatures mid teen's, light winds

The lakes in Massachusetts are very hard to get around still and planned on heading to New Hampshire in hopes that the snow is less of a nuisance. Luckily this was a good call as the lake that we were fishing the snow is hard and not that deep so it is a lot easier getting to our fishing location and working the area and not being in knee deep of snow.

The lake was empty of anglers and that seems to be the case lately with the extensive snow that we have been getting. Luckily in New Hampshire there isn't any slush to deal with like there is in Massachusetts which always makes for a much more enjoyable day.

KIDS OutDoors page updated at BWS OutDoors

We have updated our KIDS Outdoors page at BackWoods Sportsman OutDoors for the upcoming outdoor education classes offered across New England for Feb 24 – Mar 4

Connecticut DEEP Selects Youth “Fishing Challenge” Top Angler Awards

Top angler awards were presented last week to four Connecticut youth during DEEP’s 7th annual Trophy Fish Awards Ceremony.  Each young angler participated in the “Fishing Challenge,” part of Connecticut’s Youth Fishing Passport program.  The “Fishing Challenge” requires the participants to try and catch one of each of twenty common Connecticut game fish.  After a successful catch, a digital photo of the angler with the fish is emailed to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) for verification.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Discover WILD New Hampshire Day Set for Saturday, April 18, 2015

You might be surrounded by mountains of snow, but spring is on the way, and so is Discover WILD New Hampshire Day.  The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s biggest community event of the year is set for Saturday, April 18, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the grounds of the Fish and Game Department at 11 Hazen Drive in Concord, N.H.  The event will be extra special this year, as Fish and Game celebrates its 150th anniversary. New attractions for 2015 include an entire tent devoted to hunting and fishing exhibitors.

Vermont Fish & Wildlife Dept Expands Southern Vt Wildlife Management Area

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department recently expanded a wildlife management area (WMA) in Windham County. An 80-acre land donation has been added to Atherton Meadows Wildlife Management Area in the town of Whitingham, bringing the total area to nearly 900 acres.

Friday, February 20, 2015

CT DEEP Selects Winning Photo for Cover of Annual Angler’s Guide

Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) has selected a photo of Immanuel “Manny” Smyrnow, age 10, of Ashford for the cover of the 2015 Connecticut Angler’s Guide.  In the photo, Smyrnow is shown holding an Atlantic Salmon which he caught and released on October 30, 2014 from the Shetucket River.  The Broodstock Atlantic Salmon weighed about 5-6 pounds and was approximately 26” in length.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fishing Report February 7 2015 New Hampshire

Conditions: Partly cloudy skies, air temperatures low 20's, light winds

With all of the snow that we have been receiving in Massachusetts creating slush conditions on the ice, we headed north in search of less snow and no slush. We were able to find no slush but still had snow to deal with but at least with the snowshoes we are able to get around as some of the snow is easily knee deep.

This particular lake has a good population of both largemouth and smallmouth bass as well as large perch. The lake has no crappie population and haven’t been easily able to crack the sunfish population. The area that we generally fish is a small underwater point that has rock on top and is laden with gravel.

CT Seventh Annual Trophy Fish Award Ceremony

Connecticut’s Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) will host its Annual Trophy Fish Award Ceremony at the Northeast Fishing and Hunting Show in the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford at 10:00 am on Saturday, February 14. Sixty-five anglers will be presented certificates recognizing their achievement of having caught or landed the largest fish in one of several species categories during 2014. The winner of DEEP’s “2015 Angler’s Guide” Photo contest will also be announced at the ceremony.

Time to Sign Up for New Hampshire Hunter Education

Hunter Education courses are underway around the state, so get set for the 2015 spring gobbler season and more by visiting the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department website to sign up for a class. The Hunter Education course now covers both hunting and bowhunting.

VT TU's Annual Fly Fishing Summer Camp for Teens

Vermont Trout Unlimited announces year five of their “Fly Fishing Camp for Vermont Teens,” ages 13 to 16. 
Teens interested in learning the art of fly-fishing or improving their basic skill level alongside some of Vermont’s most accomplished fly anglers, are invited to apply. The 2015 camp is scheduled for Sunday June 21st through Thursday June 25th at Quimby Country Lodge & Cottages, in Averill, Vermont.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fishing Report February 1 2015 New Hampshire

Conditions: Sunny skies, air temperatures mid teen's, high winds, bait of the day - traps with shiners

Today's trip found us back in New Hampshire as the snow depths are less and little to no slush to have to deal with like Massachusetts. Was hoping that the snowmobiles had ran the lake compacted the snow that is there but no such luck and snowshoes were a necessity.

We had found an underwater island that larger fish were using last fall and wanted to pepper that location with traps and see if they are using it in the winter months. It didn't take long and the first flag was flying and upon setting the hook, could tell that it was a large fish. didn't take long and it came off and for that location, it never went back up the rest of the day.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Fishing Report January 25 2015 Massachusetts

Conditions: Sunny skies, air temperatures mid 20's, little wind, bait of the day – Clam Pro Tackle Duckbill Drop jig with the Maki Plastics Mino bait and Clam Drop Jig tipped with spikes

We took a day off as a winter snow storm had come through and after fishing for 5 of the last 6 days, need a bit of time to let everything relax and defrost. We didn't have a lot of time and wanted to stay close to home and with that we went to our favorite crappie pond and the quality is some of the best that we have around this area.

So glad that I had spent some time out here before the waters froze up and located the better crappies that swim in this pond. As we are working the same general area and it doesn't produce huge numbers of fish but the fish that we are catching are of a much nicer size which is a lot of fun on the short rods.

KIDS OutDoors page updated

We have updated our KIDS Outdoors page at BackWoods Sportsman OutDoors for the upcoming outdoor education classes offered across New England for Feb 16 – Feb 25

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy 150th, N.H. Fish and Game!

This is a big year for the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, as the state's wildlife agency celebrates 150 years of fish and wildlife conservation in the Granite State. A growing collection of stories and photos celebrating Fish and Game's fascinating history is being gathered on the Department's website at Visit often!

Maine's MDIF&W Holding Free Fishing Weekend

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is reminding everyone to take advantage of the upcoming free fishing weekend.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fishing Report January 23 2015 Massachusetts

Conditions: Sunny skies, air temperatures upper 20's, little wind, bait of the day – Clam Pro Tackle Duckbill Drop jig with the Maki Plastics Mino bait and Clam Drop Jig tipped with spikes

Our trips close to home continue on as well as a new body of water that we fish regularly on the open water but have never been on the ice. There are two main structures in the lake and one of them was occupied by a couple of anglers already, but we didn't want to fish that one as it isn't that big of an area.

The structure we fished was an underwater hump that had a variety of depths from 6 feet deep to 15 feet on the outer edges. Also, off to the side there is a underwater point that comes out so we also setup in the saddle area between these two structures.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Apply now for the 2015 Maine Moose Permit Lottery

Hunters who dream about the hunt of a lifetime will be happy to know that Maine moose permit online application process is now open, as the 2015 Moose Permit Lottery is accepting applications.

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Monday, February 9, 2015

KIDS OutDoors page updated

We have updated our KIDS Outdoors page at BackWoods Sportsman OutDoors for the upcoming outdoor education classes offered across New England for Feb 9 – Feb 18.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Fishing Report January 22 2015 Massachusetts

Conditions: Sunny skies, air temperatures upper 30's, little winds, bait of the day – Clam Pro Tackle Duckbill Drop jig with the Maki Plastics Mino bait

Today is another day of exploring a lake that we fish frequently on the open waters but have never fished on the ice. There was a new mid lake structure that we had found during the summer months and wanted to explore that on the ice as this lake doesn’t have a lot of structure areas so feel that it may concentrate the fish.

As we walked to the area, first thing we noticed was that there were two large areas of open water. Not sure why this was occurring as the rest of the lake, had up to 10 inches of ice and was solid at that. Wasn’t anyone else out there to ask what was going on, but our guess was either shallow water on top of these structures or there is a good flow of springs from underneath?

Belgrade Lakes Hosts Major League Fishing Championship; Airs On CBS This Weekend

With the Patriots once again champions and your Sundays suddenly football-free, this Sunday, tune in to another championship, with this one playing out on the lakes of central Maine.

Educators: Schedule a Free Spring Classroom Wildlife Program

Teachers who want to introduce their students in grades 3-6 to New Hampshire's wildlife resources – or reinforce wildlife-related lessons they have learned – have until February 27 to request spring Wonders of Wildlife (WOW) presentations by trained New Hampshire Fish and Game Department volunteer docents.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fishing Report January 21 2015 Massachusetts

Conditions: Sunny skies, air temperatures low 20's, little winds, bait of the day – Clam Pro Tackle Drop Jig tipped with a red/white spikes and also Clam’s Duckbill Drop jig with the Maki Plastics Mino bait

This particular week my son has a number of half days so we want to explore a different lake each day as well as some new waters to see what we can put together. We only had a couple of hours to fish today so stayed very close to home and this lake typically will produce numbers of fish so that was the plan for the shortened time.

There were already a few anglers out and scattered around and were mainly fishing traps and after talking with them, they were having a slow day. Our area that I had fished previously was open and started drilling holes around looking for active fish.

Connecticut Conservation Education/Firearms Safety Program Wild Turkey Hunting Safety Seminars

It is never too early to plan ahead for the spring turkey hunting season, which begins April 29 and runs through May 30, 2015. The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) today announced two upcoming Wild Turkey Hunting Safety Seminars scheduled for Saturday, March 21, 2015, and Saturday, April 4, 2015. These annual events are coordinated by the DEEP Wildlife Division’s Conservation Education/Firearms Safety (CE/FS) Program and the public is invited to attend. Both seminars are offered free of charge.

Nearly two-thirds of Maine's moose hunters successful in 2014

Despite brief warm spells during both the September and October moose seasons, 65% of all moose hunters harvested a moose last season.

Hearings on Bills affecting Fish and Game Department's Future Set for February 5, 2015

Hearings on two bills relative to funding and status of the N.H. Fish and Game Department will take place on Thursday, February 5, 2015, before the House Fish, Game and Marine Resources Committee. They are open to the public for comment upon these proposals