Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fishing Report August 17 2014 Massachusetts

Conditions: Sunny skies, mid 60's air temperatures, 74 degrees water temperature, moderate winds

Since I had found some very decent fish at a local pond, I wanted to go back today and see if we can duplicate the last couple of trips out there. Upon arriving at the lake, there was already an angler fishing our best big fish spot. So we headed for the backup location that typically has numbers of fish, but size is the question. The winds were whipping around quite a bit and made it a bit more difficult staying on the key locations. We fished all around this location and there were a handful of short strikes but just couldn't connect on any of them to getting anything to the boat. The other angler had finally left so we headed over to that location and fished around there as well only able to catch a couple of small fish. Since these two spots were not producing wanted to see if these fish may have moved over to the shorelines. We fished down the better shoreline and did catch a number of small fish along the way, but couldn't connect with anything of size. Along the shoreline I typically fish a small crankbait so that we are able to cover water looking for actively feeding fish. After doing most of the shoreline, we moved back to the other two locations to see if there were any fish that moved back up. Did catch some smaller fish but never could find those big fish that have been caught in the past. My plan was to fish with a couple of other baits, jig/pig and a drop shot, but with limited time I stuck with the 4 inch french fry style dark worm on a 1/8 oz weight. Since we weren't finding a better quality fish, this pond is close to home, we can pick up at any time and head out and don't feel like we have to spend a lot of time since the drive is so short.

Hopefully the next fishing will be sooner than later but as schedules and other obligations are coming up, it may be a couple of weeks before we get back out there until next time may your lines be TIGHT and you have a FISH ON...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fishing Report August 10 2014 Massachusetts

Conditions: Sunny skies, 70 air temperatures, 78-80 degree water temperatures, no wind

Decided that since yesterday was not a good day on the water, I needed to redeem myself and went early in the morning to a small local pond to try some things that I had found there the last time fishing. The last time here, I had found a couple of very nice sweet spots that had some very nice fish on one, and the other had a good number of fish on it. After leaving the boat landing I went to the first spot that yielded the biggest fish that I have caught here in a while. This location has a shallow rocky sandy hump that has a ridge that runs out past the boat landing. The top of the ridge is in the 3-4 foot depths and is not very wide as the sides drop off fairly quickly and if you don't watch the electronics, you are off the location very quickly. With having the boat positioned where the ridge comes off of the hump, casting out towards the end of the ridge is the sweet spot that the fish had been hanging. After about 20 minutes of fishing, I found that sweet spot once again and the bigger fish were definitely there as well as some good numbers of smaller fish as well. These fish weren't as big as the previous trip here, but a fish is a fish in my book and as long as I can catch them, that is all that matters to me. I fished here for an hour or so and decided to give it a rest and head off to my other sweet spot. This location is an underwater hump that comes up to 4 feet of water and is a bit bigger than a good sized bass boat. It is positioned in the corner of a cove and it feels like there is gravel and rocks on top of this as well. I had only made a couple of casts and broke off a very big fish. After re-rigging and casting around the hump again, I hooked into a nice and fat largemouth bass. This one was a solid 2.5-3 pound fish and is now the biggest fish that I have caught off of this place. I fished around this hump and caught some more small fish and decided to head back to the first location. I rotated between these two places and caught fish off of them each time there, but as the morning went on and the little wind there was died, the bites were getting harder and harder to get so it was time to head home and do some yard work. I was fishing the small 4 inch french fry worm in a dark color once again and thinking the next time out there I am going to switch to fishing a jig and also a dropshot rig.

Hoping that we are able to get back to this lake fairly quickly once again as now that we have something figured out it is a lot of fun catching some nicer fish once until next time may your lines be TIGHT and you have a FISH ON....

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fishing Report August 9 2014 New Hampshire

Conditions:Partly cloudy skies, mid 80's air temperatures, 80-81 degree water temperature, no wind

Was time to go visit some family again and luckily for us they are at a campground on a lake that we fish a lot and spend countless hours on as well. This body of water when it is slick out with no wind, for me is always a very tough bite added the heat factor as well. Today was not going to be any different as the bite was off once again. My main objective though was to finish mapping out one section of the lake so that I have a current lake map that when the ice season comes, there are a number of different places now that we will be targeting. It is amazing that after fishing a particular body of water for so many years, that once you have an actual map of it in front of you, there are so many areas that you didn't even know about. I tried a few new areas this day that didn't produce anything, but for that matter, even the usual places were fishing very tough. The couple of bass that were caught were caught in deeper water on a 4 inch french fry style worm in a blackish color weighted with an 1/8 oz slip sinker. There were a number of locations that I wanted to fish but every time I made a move to those, there was always a boat on them. Talking with fellow anglers that fish here regularly as well have said that their best fishing is the time frame from after dinner till dark. Unfortunately I don't have that luxury so we fish when the time comes that we get to go. It can only get better going forward as the weather will start to cool off and the fish need to start feeding heavily for the winter months coming.

Tomorrow is going to find us home on a local lake and going to go back and check out some locations that we have found some very nice fish until next time may your lines be TIGHT and you have a...FISH ON.....