Friday, May 30, 2014

Open Water Massachusetts 5/27/14

Conditions: Cloudy skies, 60's air temperatures and little wind

The fish in this lake have got to be getting ready for the spawn this spring or maybe the late winter and cold waters, they may not even spawn this year. That is never a good thing if the fish absorb the eggs back into their bodies and the lakes will lose a year class of fish. Going to keep searching for some shallow, cruising active fish and eventually they will be found. Today's location is a shallow shelf that is covered with gravel and rock and should be prime smallmouth spawning area. Was fan casting from one side all around to the other side and on the last cast before moving, connected on a fiesty smallmouth. The fish gave a great fight and jumped out of the water a few times as well when it was coming in. The bait today was a Zoom finesse straight tail worm in watermelon color and fished with a 1/8 oz weight Texas rigged. After leaving this area moved down a bit to a trough location that has some good green weeds growing. Fan casted all around the area for a bit and wasn't able to find any biters in this location. I am fishing fairly fast as time is limited and only going for the aggressive fish instead of taking my time and working any fish that are there that may be a bit more non-aggressive.

Hopefully this weekend we will finally get the boat wet and still haven't decided if we are making a trip to NH yet but definitely need to get out on the open water at least...So until our next report, may your lines be tight and...FISH ON...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Open Water Massachusetts 5/19/14

Conditions: upper 60's air temperatures and light winds

This spring has been one crazy time with the late winter and spring just not wanting to come around at all. Luckily I am fortunate enough in my work location, to be back near a great body of water with nice variety of species of fish to catch. This time of year the smallmouth and largemouth bass are spawning and once you can locate the spawning areas, you are able to catch some nice fish. So I will be fishing a few times during the week at different locations around this lake and will be interesting to see what kind of fish will be caught. The fish that I caught today was caught fairly shallow and came as quite a surprise as it hit the bait on the fall from the cast. Using an 1/8 oz sinker and straight tailed pumpkin Zoom worm, was able to trick the fish into biting and gave up a great battle. This was the only fish for this lunch break, and hopefully we haven't missed the smallmouth migration as there are some very nice smallmouth bass in the lake and nothing like catching them in the spring.

Until next time, tight lines....