Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fishing Report June 9

We had a few hours to try and catch some fish and hit a local pond and hope to find some bigger fish as we move into the summer pattern season. Weather conditions were sunny skies, winds around 5-10 mph, water temps in the upper 60's and air temps mid 60's. There was only one boat out there and they were constantly moving around and that is not a good sign that the fish may be a bit harder to locate. Started fishing a mid lake hump and worked up and down the steep sides as well as the top flat and wasn't able to locate any bass but my son was starting to get hot with the sunfish. After leaving that area we worked the shoreline and the sunfish were very active along the shores. I left the plastic baits and started throwing a shallow running crankbait at the shoreline targets and started connecting with some smaller largemouth bass. This lake has some good fish size wise but this year we have only been able to find the smaller bass and hopefully something hasn't happened to the fish in this lake. Have seen this happen to other lakes and it takes 3-5 years to get them back to a size quality lake once again. We will keep working this lake throughout the season and hopefully start connecting with some better sized fish.

Fishing Report June 2

The heat is finally breaking as it had been so hot and muggy that fishing has been very uncomfortable. Conditions were windy, upper 80's air temps, mid 70's water temps and sunny skies. Upon arriving at the lake the boat landing parking was near 3/4 full already. Was going to be a busy day on the lake and fish are going to respond accordingly. Didn't take long and we were catching crappies on crankbaits and bass on plastics and was hoping that the day would continue as it had started. Moved around the lake trying to find an area that wasn't being blasted by the wind which was mostly impossible and along with that the boat traffic was getting unbearable so for the few hours out it was a good day of fishing, everyday is a good day when on the water.