Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bass Fishing 5/27/13

Been out a few times as the season was very late getting going this year with the late winter that we have had here in New England. Small fish have been caught and nothing really to write home about hence the lack of reports but now that the season is in full swing the reports will be coming regularly. There is one lake that I like to visit in the spring and fall that can give up some good fish and during the summer months, this lake becomes fairly difficult to fish as the pleasure boaters and water skiers really take over the lake. Weather was clear skies, light winds, air temps in the low 40's and water temps in the low 60's. Other lakes have been warmer but the bigger fish generally are still in the spawn phase and that was the agenda of finding them today. Started in a cove that generally offers bed locations but water clarity doesn't allow seeing them and within 15 minutes was rewarded with a nice 3 pound largemouth. Caught this fish of the side of a dock in less than 12 inches of water using a black/blue jig and trailer. Felt good getting a good fish finally this season and continued through this cove with no other fish. I continued all around the lake in the typical locations and as the wind got stronger and stronger, was not able to locate another fish. Tried a variety of baits, jigs, worms, jerkbait, deep diving crankbait and shallow crankbait. Covered a lot of water with all of the baits and while watching numbers of other anglers continually moving around, looked like it was the way the bites were going to be, tight.

Turkey Hunt 5/18/13

Was able to get into the woods in the dark and planned on setting up on the edge of the corn field where the previous hunt there was a active Tom working. The setup is perfect as can be with an open field that I placed 4 decoys at 20 yards away, behind me a tuff of brush to conceal me and in front to my left, another tuff of brush that conceals me from the birds as they would approach the decoy spread. As the morning light came around, the coyotes were yipping across the swamp, and the wildlife starting to come to life. For the few hours that I was there, there wasn't one turkey response to what i was hoping to be a great morning hunt. The last week of the season is ahead and one more chance to fill a tag and hopefully the weather will allow the hunt to happen.

Turkey Hunt 5/11/13

Went back to the same area as the previous hunt and the same bird was in the same location so the plan was to get in and closer to where he is at. Was able to get within 70 yards of where the bird was roosted and found an open in the woods to setup the decoy display. Once situated, started calling and the bird definitely was interested and very vocal as the morning light increased. Once the light got brighter, he did the same thing as the previous hunt and clammed up after he flew down. Kept calling in hopes that I could draw him from his location as he seems to be stuck where he is and seems very tough to get him out of there. As i was working that bird another bird got very loud and came in fast and hot across a bigger corn field to my right. I was just in the woods to far that I couldn't seem him and there was something in between us that he was not going to come through to get to me. Not sure if the weather change or may be a predator came onto the field, but after a long talk session he clammed up and disappeared. That was fun to have such a hot bird working the area but frustrating in the same breath as it makes you work your brain in trying to figure out what you can do differently to make things work.

5/4/13 Turkey hunt

The morning of a new season was kicking off at day break and with high anticipation, couldn't wait to get the new season off to a great start. Upon getting out of the truck in the twightlight hours, was surprised to hear a gobble very close and went into action to get setup before it gets to light out. Being the light was getting to much, didn't want to venture to far into the woods to alert the bird that I am in the area. Decoys were setup in a small clearing in hopes that the bird will come out and check out what is going on with the sweet calling to draw him out. After working this bird for 3 hours and he was very reluctant to leave the quarters that he was in, he finally clammed up and didn't give me an idea as to where he was anymore. He was very vocal when making calls but apparently the sweet music I was trying to create was not enough to bring him in. Made a long walk around the property that I hunt in search of any other flocks that may be around but was not able to find any active birds. Generally there is a good flock that lives on this property but of course this year they have decided to vacate the premises.