Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fishing March 24 2012

Finally the open water season is underway even though we never had an ice season this past winter. Conditions were cloudy; moderate winds with an air temperature around 48 degrees. We have a lake that we frequent quite often and my son likes to fish with shiners from shore and since he never seen the ice this winter, he has been very anxious to wet a line. Once again this lake didn’t disappoint my boy and we fished in a back cove that had been warmed from the previous week’s temperatures that were in the 80’s. Not knowing the water temperature, this was a good area to look for fish as the cove is shallow and should be a little warmer than the main lake which should draw the fish into it. It didn’t take long and the fish were biting fairly regularly and he had a great time for the couple of hours that we were out there. In the end he ended up with 5 largemouth bass and 5 pickerel with the bass being fairly small but a couple of the pickerel were very nice. He had a great time and is ready to go back and try again and hopefully the next trip we will get out in the boat and search for some early season largemouth bass.