Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 22 2011 Report

This has to be one of the coldest, wettest and slowest starts to a spring in a long time and making for some tough fishing as well. The fish should be into the spawning mode by now and they are definitely quite a ways behind the times.

Lakes are still fairly quiet as anglers are still waiting for the warmer weather to come along and make their experience a little more enjoyable. This makes it a little easier for us getting onto the landings and of course this day was not anything different with cool 48 degree air temps and 15 mph winds blowing.

Water temps have actually dropped a little from the last trip out with 55 degrees being the average from what we were finding. Not knowing what the fish’s mood was going to be, we started out with casting crankbaits to cover water and look for the aggressive fish. That bite never really materialized and a game plan change had to take effect.

Figuring now that the fish were sluggish, changed up to fishing a jig and cruise the shoreline looking for any fish that may be getting ready to spawn. Didn’t take long and a fish took the jig right along the shoreline and after a few reels of the handle came unbuttoned. This was a good sign showing that slowing down was what they were looking for as well and they are utilizing shallow water even if it is still cool.

Moved out of that cove and went to a point and there is a dock coming right off of the point and the end is in about 4-5 feet of water. One hop of the jig and a fish picked it up and felt good as the fight ensued; with the help of my netting partner we were able to get the 3 pound largemouth into the boat. It was nice to finally get that first fish out of the way for the beginning of a new open water season.

We moved around the point and down the back side without finding another bite. Out off of this point there is a gravel underwater hump that comes to 2 feet deep on top with weeds around the outer edge. I through the jig up on top and the second cast a 1 pound bass nailed the jig and felt like there is a pattern coming together at this point.

My son was fishing the hump with a small crankbait and he was having good luck as well as he had caught a small pickerel and a crappie. We worked all around this island and wasn’t able to find anymore bites. We wanted to try one more location before calling it a day.

He wanted to go to the area that we fished during the ice season and see if we could muster up a fish. Unfortunately this area was being blasted by the winds and the water was a little cooler in this location and we were not able to find any fish. The wind and cold temps had taken its toll on us and we decided to head in.

It was nice to finally get him out on the open water once again and after watching him fishing today, he is going to be having a great season. With the holiday weekend coming up, never know what our fishing adventures are going to bring us and really looking forward to it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fishing May 1 2011

It was nice to be able to get out onto the open water once again and cast a full sized fishing rod as opposed to fishing the short stick. Lakes are fairly quiet these days yet as with the cool temperatures the pleasure boaters and lakeshore owners have not come out to play yet.

Water temps were in the mid 50’s the morning started very calm but didn’t take long as the winds picked up making for a cold day on the water. Since it is early spring decided to fish with a suspending jerkbait, and hopefully find some largemouth bass.

Fished primarily some back coves on the north to northwest side of the lake and first thing in the morning seemed to be the most productive. Once the winds started blowing quite a bit any bite that was had would totally disappear for the rest of the day.

Casting primarily to the shallow shoreline the pickerel were fairly active as they were the primary fish that were willing to show themselves. After the first hour the winds picked up and after trying many different places on the lake without a bite, decided to call it a day.

Was nice to be able to get out on the open water once again and enjoy some spring fishing again.