Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fishing August 21 2010

We had picked up a couple of single person kayaks to replace a tandem kayak that we had and decided to take them out and try them and do a little fishing. We went to a small pond that has motor restrictions so is great for taking canoes and kayaks out without having to worry about bigger boats.

The afternoon started warm and bright sunshine but as the day wore on it turned cool, fairly windy and the clouds came in thick. There were a few folks out there trying their hand at fishing and we picked our first location and paddled over to that area to give it a try.

My son enjoys panfishing and today was going to be a day of letting him do this type and enjoy the experience of catching fish. We were fishing the shoreline areas and using T.H.E. Jig about a foot underneath a float. We were finding out very quickly that the smaller fish were closer to shore while the bigger sunfish were out in deeper water.

With the breeze blowing into the area that we were fishing, we let the kayaks blow onto the shoreline and then casting out toward the depths really was paying off. After catching numerous fish, the action seemed to die down a little so we moved down the shore and the action picked up again.

The wind was blowing quite a bit so we moved to the other side of the lake to get into a little more protected areas and the fish in the first couple of places were fairly slow in biting. We decided to try one more spot and there was a rock sticking out of the water so that allowed us to sort of anchor ourselves in one spot.

Didn't take long and he was reeling in one fish after another and as long as he was casting towards deeper water, the bigger fish would be biting. He was very excited as we had hit the mother lode of fish and he would count one after another. The afternoon went on and on but as the weather turned towards the bad side, the fishing slowed and we wanted to get off the lake if anything was going to happen.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fishing August 15 2010

Heat, which is all I can say about this summer and it, definitely is having an affect on the fish as well as they are not as predictable as they normally are. Went to a northern MA lake and the water level is fairly low compared to other years and the waters are starting to cool a little as most temps were a little over 75 degrees.

This particular lake when the heat is on like it is the algae bloom is in full force with a tint of green to the water. There is milfoil in this lake as well but this year it is much thicker and there are more areas that have it then previous years.

I arrived at the lake to little wind but that changed as the morning went on to a stiff wind across the main lake. Started fishing a creek mouth that generally has a good number of large fish in the area and target the clumps of weeds that have gravel open areas around them. Worked the area a few different directions and only was able to locate a couple smaller largemouth bass.

Moved over to a point that leads out into the open lake and there weren’t any biters in this area as well. Decided to move to the wind blown shoreline and run this with a crankbait just to try and locate some aggressive fish. Only was able to catch one small fish down this whole stretch.

All in all it was kind of a disappointing day on the water as only a few fish were caught in the few hours that I was out there. Was watching others fishing the same general areas and it didn’t look like they were having much action as well. As the temps start to fall, this will trigger a feeding binge for the fish to get into their fall feeding. Times are going to get better as we move towards the ice season and this is the time of year that many hang it up. Take advantage of these coming months as the fishing is only going to get better.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fishing report for August 8 2010

Been a while since been out on the lake fishing in the boat and had an opportunity to fish a new lake in New Hampshire. This particular lake is a fairly good sized and deep clear water lake that supports a good trout population as well as some very nice smallmouth.

I arrived early at the lake with calm sunny conditions with a number of boats trolling the deep water in search of trout. Air temps were mid to upper 70's with high 80's to come later and the water temps were a surprising 73 degrees but because of the deep water here, 60 plus feet, which keeps the lake a little cooler from the hot summer we have been having.

The water here is gin clear and without any wind figured that the shallow dock bite might not be a good place to start searching for smallmouth bass. Opposite side of the lake there was a rock shoal that I worked with a few different baits that consisted of a carolina rig, crankbait out on the deeper edge and also a weightless senko style bait. There didn't seem to be anything searching the rock cropping for a meal.

Moved off of this shoal and there was a fairly good sized flat going out into the lake. Fan cast this area with a crankbait as well as worked it over with the carolina rig with a couple of different style plastic baits. In the 15 foot range there was a little vegetation that grew off of the bottom up to 6 inches in height and was hoping that the fish were cruising looking for a meal.

The far end of the lake is more of a shallower flat as the deep water is on the north end through the middle of the lake. Moved down to the far end of the lake and was hoping to find more weed flats and see if maybe I could find a largemouth bass since the smallmouth were a little allusive.

Concentrated on water depths of 13-20 feet of water and was figuring that with the hot summer and clear water these fish may be in deeper water. Fished mainly the carolina rig and kept switching the plastic baits trying to find one that maybe these fish wanted. Was fishing a french fry type plastic in 15 feet of water and felt a good bite.

Set the hook and the fight was on and wasn't quite sure if this was a bass or a trout as the feeling wasn't quite what I was use to. I had hooked this fish on a long cast and it surfaced right away but couldn't tell what it was. Finally as the battle was coming to an end, I could see that it was a nice smallmouth and boat a chunky 2 pound fish. Worked over this area for quite some time in hopes of finding a school there but that wasn't going to happen.

Not sure if I will get back to this lake anytime soon but wouldn't mind going back when fall gets here and the fish start feeding for the winter season. This lake does get busy after the noon hour and the landing is one of the best ones that I have been to in New Hampshire so far.

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