Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fishing July 17 2010

It was time to head back to New Hampshire and fish one of our favorite bass lakes. Weather wise the summer is continuing on with its heat and abundance sunshine, light winds and the waters are warming very rapidly and are reading in the low 80's at this point.

Was able to get out early and my son wanted to go along as well and he had multi-species on his mind as we set out onto the lake. After launching the boat and heading out onto the lake, we went around the corner and stopped at our first place of the morning.

This is a back cove that has a rock shoal that comes almost to the surface if you don't watch for it as it isn't marked. Stayed out in the 10-12 foot range and was fishing with a crankbait and only a couple of casts and the first smallmouth was coming to the boat. Was fan casting this area and seemed to be loaded with fish and a number of largemouth were caught as well but they were all mostly small fish.

My son was fishing for sunfish and they were surfacing all around us and he was having a great time catching one after another. We were in search of bigger fish so we left that area and went to the other end of the lake as there is a big flat there and looking for fish that may stay in the area after spawning.

Worked the deeper waters as well as the shallower flats and was fishing with a carolina rig and just couldn't get anything to bite. Left there and went to a small cove off the main lake and at time there are some nice fish in the weeds and rocks of this area but had the same results as the previous location.

We only had a certain amount of time that we could be out there and wanted to try one more location. This location is a flat in the main lake with water depths around 8 feet deep and there is a ridge that comes off of this out into the main body of the lake. Years past this area yields some of our biggest fish but lately has been dead. Always like to see areas come back to life and hopefully this one will.

There is one location here that is a small rock pile in the weedbed and if you can locate that, the bigger fish of the area usually congregate there. Was fan casting a carolina rig looking for this spot and the line went tight and went to set the hook and broke the first fish off. Felt like a big fish and through out a buoy marker while I retie. Cast back into that area again and another good bite came on and boated a decent 2 pound largemouth.

Kept working around that area and had a numerous bites and they were all feeling good but between the break offs and loosing fish on the way back to the boat, made it very frustrating. It was getting that time that we needed to get off the lake and even though we missed a number of fish, we felt it was a very productive day for the middle of July.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Fish those Docks

The summer is here and will be for a while yet, as this is warming our lakes quite a bit. Fish are seeking cooler waters these days to get away from this heat and many go deep but there are also some that stay shallow. These shallow fish are looking for areas to get out of the sun and a great place for this is boat docks. Fish congregate underneath these docks in the cool shadowy areas and wait for prey to seek out cooler waters as well. Fishing these docks can be very rewarding and by casting your baits up underneath these, you will be very well rewarded. Give them a try next time you are fishing especially if the sun is shining.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fishing MN July 10-13 2010

Being from the Midwest it is always nice to go back home and we never get to go that often. But this was the year that we make the trip back to Minnesota and always look forward to the fishing that we will get into.

I am fortunate that my parents live on a lake in northern MN and this makes it very easy to get on the lake any time of the day. The last time that we were there, we had come across a location on the lake that gave us a number of large bass and I couldn’t wait to get out there and try it again.

The location is an underwater hump between a point and an island and tops out at around 8 feet of water. I generally position the boat on top of the hump and then cast out into the deeper water bringing the lures back to the weed edge that is growing on this hump.

There was one general area that if you hit it, there was some of the best bass that I have caught in this lake. There is a corner on this hump that has an indentation and these bigger fish are schooled up in this area. Had 3-4 cast in a row that produced a 3 pound plus largemouth on each of those casts.

The morning bite was generally the better time at getting these fish but the second day there was a major cold front that came through. This front really shut down the bigger fish and this hump seemed to be void of fish at that time. We started working other areas and finding that the better fish were in deeper water and a few small fish were in the lily pads.

The last day of the trip our best location started producing better but wasn’t to the point as the first morning flurry that we had. I had a good friend come up for a couple of days along with his teenage son and between those two, my son and wife; we really had a great few days of fishing together.

Always enjoy getting back to MN and to have time to fish the waters there. One day would really like to drive out there and bring the boat along and fish a number of the old favorite lakes that I use to frequent so often. Plans are in the works for making a trip back this winter to do a number of day’s ice fishing.

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