Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fishing May 23 2010

Weather in New England is finally starting to come around to where it needs to be. The weather today was sunny skies, light breeze, air temps in the low 70’s and the water temps were in the range of 67-69 degrees.

We were fishing in New Hampshire and this lake the weed growth is underway very nicely. Since it is spring figured to look for warm water to see if we could find some active fish. Our search was going to be looking for bass.

Started fishing on a shallow flat shelf that had pockets of weeds around the sand and rock. Tried plastic baits, spinnerbaits and rattle trap style baits with plastic being the only one that the fish seemed to want. But, the fish were not inhaling the bait and would have the tail end of it and came to the surface of the water only to throw the bait back at me.

After working around this flat with little success moved down the lake to a deep cove that has a rock shelf. Fished around and over this shelf with plastics and crankbaits and had only a perch to show for this area. Kept following around a small island and had the same thing happen on plastic bait again with them holding onto the tail and throwing the bait as the came to the surface.

This was getting frustrating and moved further down the lake to the dam and usually there is always a fish ort two there. With the flowing water fish generally park themselves there waiting for food to float by. Fished around this area and couldn’t get a bite there. Only had a couple of hours today to figure out what the fish wanted and where they were.

Started getting somewhat of a pattern going as they wanted something that moved a little slower as opposed to chasing down a faster bait. With the water temps higher than I had expected, these fish should either be in spawn or possibly coming out of spawn already.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fishing May 16 2010

Fishing is a little slow at this time of year yet but as the days get warmer and the waters start to warm, it won’t be long and the action will take off. Arrived at the lake at 645 am and there were a few boats already out on the water.

Skies were sunny with a stiff northerly wind blowing down the length of the lake and the water temps are still a brisk 57-58 degrees. Weed growth looks to be coming in very nicely and hasn’t gotten to the surface yet but has the lush green colors that we anglers look for.

Since we are in the pre-spawn phase, I decided to start in the front face of a mouth creek that has depths of water from 3-6 feet deep. Working plastic bait around the clumps of weeds was searching to finding some of the bigger fish. Many anglers were running the shorelines searching for those fish to yank on their lines.

Had a few solid bites but these fish seemed to be nipping at the bait and not committing themselves to it. Moved around and left in search of other areas. Went to a productive deep shoreline and decided to go with the wind and work a crankbait covering lots of water here.

Was using a deeper diving crank and casting towards shore and bring it out into deeper water while dragging the bottom. Wasn’t long and had a solid hit and a fat little 1.5 pound largemouth came swimming to the surface. That felt good and wanted more but worked all the way to the other end of the lake and didn’t get another fish.

Moved back up the lake and started the same crank bait along this shoreline and then swung the boat out into deeper water between the two points. Right as I got to where the water drops off into the main lake another largemouth took my crankbait. Wasn’t much size to this one but a fish is a fish.

Went back to the creek mouth and worked this area over again with plastics and missed another couple of fish. Moved to a wind blown point shoreline with the crankbait and couldn’t find anything there either. All in all it was a fun day, windy, would have liked more fish but as the waters warm they will be coming.

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