Monday, January 18, 2010

Fishing January 16 2010

Since our last trip was cut short in search of a few pickerel the last time out we had decided to head back to our favorite pickerel lake. This particular lake is shallow and the weeds are generally 5-6 feet under the ice. Making sure that the lines are set shallow enough so that the minnows don't get tangled into the weeds.

It was a nice weekend and this day we had mid 40's for temps and little wind as well so that made for a very enjoyable day to spend on the water. Snow is melting on the lakes very quickly but staying firm enough so it isn't sloppy out there.

We set our traps out around the area we were in and it took a while before any action was to come along. Once the first bite came the others came fairly regularly the rest of the afternoon. There was even a time when we had 3 traps going at once.

We would set the traps shallow with the minnows only a couple of feet under the ice and the fish were still coming in to take a look. For the afternoon out there we caught 11 pickerel that went from 12 inches up to 3 pounds. Also, caught a fat and very nice perch as well.

The way the day started wasn't sure if we were going to be catching anything and already planning on other options. But moving around some and searching the fish out made for a productive day.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Watch for Holes

The ice season is in full swing and many fishers bring children with them out on the ice for a day of fishing. There is something that we may not realize with the holes that we drill into the ice for our fishing lines. Many fishers are drilling 8 to 10 inch holes and these can become traps for the children that we bring along. If the holes are not mark, covered by slush or just not visible, children and as well as adults can step into these holes and many things can happen at that point. The boot fills with icy cold water ending a day of fishing, loss of the boot under the ice, broken bones with forward body movement as well and pulled muscles from an abrupt altering body action. Nobody wants to have an accident on the ice and ruin the day, but watching and remembering where these holes are is fairly important in keeping everyone safe to enjoy a great day on the ice.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fishing January 2 2010

Finally the ice season has come to New England and not to soon. Was wondering if we were going to ever get on the ice but most places are locking up well now and not a lot of snow on top to insulate so the cool nights are producing ice all the time.

With so much time to prepare for this season and trying to decide where that first trip will be, the hour and a half that I had to get out dictated a quick run to a local pond in search of crappies and sunfish. The day was cloudy and fairly breezy with snow showers happening the whole time.

A few new pieces of equipment for this ice season to try out and they proved their value in quality, craftsman and functionality. One was a new 24 inch Austin fishing rod which proved itself fish after fish and the other was a StrikeMaster ElectraLazer auger that is battery powered and made swiss cheese of the ice very quickly.

For this pond there was 5 inches of clear black ice with a coating of 5 inches of snow on top. The snow is still light so there is no water seepage after drilling the holes allowing to keep us dry. Punched a number of holes and put the Vexilar to use in search of fish and there were a few holes that were very active.

This particular pond has an abundance of panfish but have noticed that size has come down some but quantities are still there. Was working water depths of 13 feet of water and using a black/white T.H.E. Jig on 2 pound Gamma Ice line and this combination proved well for the 10 sunfish that were caught.

There were a number of lookers taking a gander at the bait and lightly working T.H.E. Jig to entice the feeders proved to be the combination to get that tug on the fishing line. All in all it was a good day to finally be able to get on the ice once again and this weekend a trip of pickerel fishing is planned.

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